Surfex is made with specially formulated ingredients such as eucalyptus, lemon grass oil and tea tree oil for natural but powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal effects.

Surfex can be sprayed on toilet seats, door handles, table tops and common contact surfaces for quick disinfection to reduce cross contamination. By reducing cross contamination it reduces the chance of spread germs from contact surface to hands and on to other surfaces.

Surfex's powerful ingredients eucalyptus, lemongrass and tea tree oil are documented and well known for its effective anti-viral properties which are safe on humans. These ingredients have traditionally been used to heal cuts on skin and general disinfection. The additional benefit of these ingredients is its insect repellent effect. Insects such as house flies, cockroaches and ants will stay away from the sprayed surface reducing the spread of germs.

With each spray Surfex forms a tiny layer on the surface to continuously disinfect the surface for several hours providing prolonged protection. In comparison to alcohol based disinfectant, once the alcohol evaporates the surface is again exposed to bacteria and germs. Surfex is suitable for solid surfaces such as wood, metal, aluminum, ceramic tiles, plastic, Formica and many other solid surfaces.

Key Benefits:

• Kill 99.999% of most harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi tested by CHEMSIL.

• Active ingredients include Eucalyptus Oil, Lemon Grass Oil and Tea Tree Oil which are all proven to kill             bacteria, virus and fungus

• Quick disinfection to reduce the bacteria on surfaces.

• Lasts up to 1 week on a surface.

• Effectively repels insects.

• Non-toxic.

• Product Liability Insurance Coverage by Allianz.

Available In:

• 5L