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Anti VOC & Formaldehyde Treatment

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Anti VOC & Formaldehyde is a water-based formuation which decomposes VOC & Formaldehyde directly.

The effectiveness has been certified by SGS.



  • Evaluation of VOC & Formaldehyde content by using professional instruments (RAE Model: MultRAE) before treatment.

  • Formulation decomposition of VOC & formaldehyde.

Key Benefit:

  • Decomposes VOC and Formaldehyde upto 97.37%, tested by SGS.

  • Decomposes VOC & Formaldehyde directly, non-coating treatment.

  • Decomposes VOC & Formaldehyde under air and light, it takes around 12 hours. Decomposes using only light, takes 24 hours and using only air, takes 48 hours.

  • No need work with UV light for decomposes formaldehyde.

  • No harmful organic compounds will be produced after decomposition.

  • Reduces harm levels of harmful organic compounds to human bodies.

  • No limitation on application surface types, such as metals, wooden furnitures, fabrics and leather.

  • Decomposes eliminate odours cause by bacteria, cigarette and tear gas scent.

  • Safe and harmless to humans and animals. 

  • Product Liability Insurance Coverage by Allianz.

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