100% Silver Ion formula and vesicle technology kills harmful enveloped viruses (such as influenza and coronavirus) in minutes. A single application will last easily 6-12 months since the application process requires a simple bonding process. Once the application is done and Germablox have bonded on the filter. 

Key Benefits:

  • Kill >90% of human Coronavirus, tested by Virology.

  • Prevents fungus and bacteria from growing on the filter thus extending the life of the filter.

  • Non-toxic.

  • Durable and allows the filter (home air purifier filter) to be washed and reused with anti-viral effect, washable up to 20 times.

  • Single application can last about 6 -12 months.

  • Effective on vehicle cabin filters and home air purifier filters.

  • Can be applied to any woven or non-woven fabric filters.

  • Does not impede filter’s filtration properties.


  • Pour Germablox into GBX-01 sprayer's cup.

  • Spray Germablox to sufficiently cover the air filter.

  • Dry the air filter with a hair dryer or heat gun set at 80-100°C.

  • Once dry the air filter can be placed into its respective position in the car or building air conditioner.

Germablox was developed to address a need to create an active shield against germs and viruses for air filtration devices such as cabin air filters and home air purifiers. Air filters for cars and homes often claim that they can filter out small particles down to PM2.5 in size but in reality the filters can only filter out pollen and some bacteria that are larger than the filter’s tiny gaps.

PM2.5 filters cannot filter out viruses as the viruses are between 5-300 nanometers while the filter membrane can only filter any particles that are larger than 2.5 micrometers. The viruses can easily be pushed through the filter gaps.

Germablox is a special anti-bacterial and anti-viral coating that is applied directly on the filter and forms a permanent layer that actively kills viruses and bacteria on contact. It is able to bond on the fabric to provide the protection. Its proprietary formula of silver and vesicle technology kills harmful enveloped viruses (such as influenza and coronavirus) in minutes. The silver component attracts the oppositely charged viruses and binds permanently to their sulfur groups. Vesicle component destroys the viral membrane by depleting the cholesterol content of the membrane which then exposes the virus to be destroyed by the silver rapidly.


Germablox is highly effective in vehicle cabin air filters where the air carrying germs are circulated constantly. Upon contact the germs and viruses will be destroyed on the filter creating a healthier air flow within the vehicle. For home, building air purifiers or HVAC air filters, Germablox will be a great addition to aid in the filtration and destruction of viruses in the air. It does not affect the filter’s air flow and filtration properties.