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The car’s air conditioning system’s evaporator is an integral part of the air conditioning system but it is often wet with condensation when the car’s air conditioner is switched off. This allows bacteria and fungus to grow on the evaporator which is harmful to the car’s occupants. The evaporator is located behind the dashboard which makes it very difficult to reach or clean.

Bactakleen has developed a new system called Evapokleen which allows car service centres to clean the evaporator without removing the dashboard.

Bactakleen’s Evapokleen employs a 3 step approach to clean and disinfect the evaporator.


How To Use Evapokleen

Step 1: Clean with Ph neutral cleaning solution that is safe on the evaporator coils.​

Step 2: Flush the evaporator with distilled water to remove any left over dust and dirt.

Step 3: Disinfect the evaporator to kill bacteria and fungus on the evaporator using Bactakleen’s Bactashield Basic solution (proven and tested by SGS).

The 3 steps allows complete treatment of the evaporator without damaging the evaporator coils and is safe for humans.

The Evapokleen EK-1 camera is inserted into the back of the dashboard via the cabin filter slot under the glove compartment. The camera can be accurately positioned so that the applicator can locate the evaporator before commencing with Step 1. With each step the entire solution bottle is consumed for proper application. The whole process will take up to 45 minutes depending on the car and the condition of the evaporator.

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