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BACTASHIELD ULTIMATE is a semi permanent anti bacterial and anti fungal coating that adheres to the surface for up to 1 year to protect it against bacteria and fungal growth to reduce cross contamination and destroys odours caused by bacteria and fungus. Bactashield Ultimate when applied forms a transparent protective layer coating that will kill bacteria, fungus and viruses.​

Key Benefits:

• Kill 99.99% of Human Coronavirus, tested by Eurovir.

• Lab-test proven to kill SAR-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

• Kill 99.99% of H1N1virus.

• Instant starts killing bacteria, fungus and viruses on surfaces.

• Lasts up to 1 year on a surface.

• Product Liability Insurance Coverage by Allianz.


Areas of Application: 

• Door handle, hand rail, supermarket trolley, kitchen counter tops, children’s toys in public play areas and many more.

This product is only available as a professional service only.

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